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TBS Certificats offers Internet service providers and key accountsto join its partnership program. It allows you to submit certificates requests for your customers (internal or external). Our partnership is non-exclusive and free!

SUPPLIERS: you will be able to resell our certificates at the price of your choosing!

CORPORATE ACCOUNTS: Centralize your certificates management with us and enjoy the simplicity of one supplier, one contact and discounts

We provide the following certificates (this link will take you to our retail prices):

  • Thawte, a brand of the DigiCert family
  • Sectigo, the second global certification authority
  • DigiCert, the leading certification authority, now belonging to the DigiCert family
  • GlobalSign, The first certification authority created in Europe
  • Geotrust, a brand of the DigiCert family
  • TBS X509, our own brand
  • Certigna, French supplier of RGS certificates


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