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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Professional Opinion letter - DigiCert / Thawte / Geotrust

To: DigiCert, Inc.
Fax: +33-9-7211-2204 

TBS Order Number: _________ 
Supplier Order number: _________ 
Client: _________  
Organizational Contact: _________ 

Digital Certificate for _________  ('Client')

This firm represents Client, who asked that I, as its ______________________[accountant ,lawyer, solicitors, 
barrister, advocate, etc.], attest to the following information solely as related to the Client's application 
for a digital certificate.

After reviewing the Client's records and based on my investigation, my professional opinion is that:

1. Client is a duly formed _____________________[corporation, LLC, etc.] under the laws of the 
$departementOrganisation of _________ [organization country] is ''active,'' ''valid,'' ''current,'' or 
the equivalent; and is not under any known legal disability.

2. The address where Client conducts business operations is:
_________ [organization address] _________ [organization country] 

3. A main telephone number at Client's place of business is:

4. _________  is an individual (or are individuals) with the authority to act on behalf of Client to:
    a. Provide information about the Client contained in the referenced application,
    b. Request one or more digital certificates and designate other persons to request digital certificates, 
    c. Agree to the contractual obligations contained in DigiCert's agreements.
5. _________ [contact name], who is Client's _________ [contact function], can be contacted at:
    Email: _________ [contact email] 
    Phone: _________ [contact phone number] 
6. Client has either operated as a business for three or more years or has an active deposit account held at 
a bank or other financial institution where funds deposited are payable on demand.

Although we did not find any exceptions to the above identification procedures, these procedures do not 
constitute an audit or opinion of Client's application for a digital certificate. We are not expressing an 
opinion on Client's digital certificate application and have provided this letter solely for the benefit of 
DigiCert in connection with Client's application for a digital certificate. No other person or entity may rely 
on this letter without my express written consent. This letter shall not be quoted in whole or in part, 
used, published or otherwise referred to or relied upon in any manner, including, without limitation, in any 
financial statement or other document.

Signature: __________________________________________________
Print Accountant/Attorney Name: ______________________________________________________
Phone Number: _____________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________
Firm Name: _____________________________________________
Licensed in: ___________________________________
License number, if any: __________________________________
Contact information for licensing agency where this accountant's/attorney's license information may be